Monday, 6 September 2010

The Two Vs

The most expensive part of my trip will be the two Vs, both of which give me headaches!


Today I have relieved myself of another £140 for Japanese B Encephalitis and Rabies vaccinations.  The nurse told me that she had a couple in her clinic who only left themselves £200 each for their trip to South East Asia.  That's crazy as my vaccines will come to £390 and that's not including anti-malarials.  However, I've had a deeper look into the Malaria zones and it doesn't appear to be as bad as I first thought. At least I've arranged my remaining vaccinations.


As stated before in my previous post, I have decided to consult a travel agency, Real Russia, to arrange my Russian, Chinese and Mongolian visas.  It costs £270 but will save me dragging my arse down to consulates in London, standing bored to the bone in queues and making umpteen mistakes on bureaucratic forms and being denied. 

I've discovered that I will also need visas for Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos.  Although it is possible to arrange visas at certain border points across the region it is advisable to try and get them before you leave.

There's nothing I can do at the moment anyway as I'm off to Oktoberfest in Munich next week and will need my passport.  I will get the forms ready for me to send them off as soon as I get back.

Hopefully, these posts will become more enjoyable as time goes by and the nonsense of the two Vs disappear!!

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